Montana Hunting Trips

Join us this fall for a hunt of a lifetime! Hunt big game in Western Montana. Pack in on horses and mules to hunt for elk and trophy deer. Or hunt our private ranch for bighorn sheep in the Rock Creek Valley. In winter, stalk a trophy mountain lion. We outfit Montana hunting trips.

I have been in the oufitting business for more than 30 years. I am a full time outfitter and spend most of the year in the mountains of Montana. I have operated large hunting lodges in the past, but have come to realize that bigger is not always better. Currently I run a smaller operation, leaving plenty of room for hunters to stretch out. I love what I do and my clients always leave as friends. Hope you enjoy Western Montana hunting. – Jeff Freeman

Moose hunting in Montana

Elk Hunts

Rugged country and winter range provides the essentials for a good elk population. We have found that the single most important thing that our hunters can bring with them is an enthusiastic attitude and a sincere desire to hunt. If you combine that with proper equipment and some preparation on your part, including getting into shape and lots of practice with your rifle at quick close targets as well as long range ones, keeping in mind a good hunt should not be measured by the size of the trophy but of a mutual satisfying hunting experience. We work hard to give each client a memorable hunt, fairly priced.

DATES: September thru November

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Elk Hunting Trip near Missoula, Montana

Bighorn Sheep Hunts

If you are fortunate enough to draw one of the limited bighorn sheep tags for the Rock Creek Valley, let us guide you to hunt a real trophy! The Rock Creek Valley is known for its large bighorn sheep herd. November is the best month to hunt bighorn sheep when hoping to harvest a trophy ram. The ram pictured scored 182 and was 10 1/2 years old. Join us for a challenging hunt for a Montana bighorn ram this fall.

DATES: September to November

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Bighorn Sheep Ram hunting on Rock Rock Creek near Missoula, Montana

Mountain Lion Hunts

Few people have ever see a mountain lion in its natural surroundings. This makes the cougar an extremely desirable trophy. The hunting season for Montana mountain lion is from December to February. Mountain lion hunts are 7 days in length and the hunting is done with snowmobiles, 4-wheel drive and occasionally horseback. A successful hunt depends on top notch hounds and your good physical shape. We furnish everything except your license and personal cold weather gear. Licenses must be purchased by August 31st and may be obtained by mail.

DATES: December – February 

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Mountain Lion Hunting Trip near Missoula, Montana

Trophy Deer Hunts

I harvest trophy deer only, I believe in shot placement kills, heart lung area. Shots can be 50 to 300 yards so don’t be surprised. Elk are our prime target during hunting season but often we come across trophy mule deer. The Montana combination elk tag includes mule deer and whitetail deer.

DATES: September – November

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